12U Freestanding Equipment Rack, 19″, Black

This small, light 12U rack stand is great for a home lab or small office environment. With 12U of mounting space you are able to mount up to 12 devices reducing clutter and improving usability.


12U Freestanding Rack | 19″ wide | 10-32 Threaded Holes | Supports 75lbs

Not every installation requires a full 6′-7′ equipment rack. When you are mounting just a few peices of gear, or space is limited, using a smaller more compact rack is the key to getting the job done with the space you have.

This freestanding 12U mount is perfect for labs and SOHO network installations. The rack is big enough to hold 12 1RU units and strong enough to hold up to 75lbs. The black, powder coated steel frame is angled back to better support the weight of the mounted gear giving it a better center of gravity. This rack is light, weighing in at only 7lbs, and small enough to fit either on top of, or below a desk or table.

When space is limited and the install is small, this compact racking solution will fit the bill!

Quick Specs:

  • 12 RU worth of usable mounting area
  • 19″ Wide
  • 23″ Tall
  • 14″ deep legs
  • 10-32 threaded holes
  • Weighs only 7lbs
  • Rated for 75lbs of equipment
  • Rear leaning for better weight distribution
  • Powder coated steel frame
  • EIA Hole Spacing


  • SOHO Installations
  • Testing Labs
  • Certification
  • Musical amplification and other stage equipment


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